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RM Journey: Into Ipoh

Five years ago, i left a place i spent five years in. That place is near Ipoh, a usual weekend getaway for food and entertainment. In other words, to de-stress and keep balance being a student. The fond memories of Ipoh will remain with me and forever hold a special spot. Over the years, Ipoh has grown to be a booming tourist attraction. No surprise as i always see its potential, but there are definitely still room for improvements. Recently, my family and i visited Ipoh, partly to reminisce, and partly to explore and discover, creating new memories.

Colourful mural art scattered around Ipoh. It was challenging to find them previously (read Wall Paintings in Ipoh) but today, there were abundant. 
We came from the north (read about Kuala Sepetang) and our first stop was the Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang. Passing by this place numerous times in the past, i was often intrigued. It was a crowded late morning, school holiday, Saturday when we arrived. Upon stepping onto the viewing platform o…