Saturday, July 6, 2013

Restoran Kam Kitchen, Cheras, KL

My mom actually Google-d for recommended restaurants nearby and she discovered this place in Cheras. We decided to try, putting our adventure caps on.

The eatery sits slightly off the main road but despite it being somewhat hidden, it was crowded with people that we had to sit outside, without the air-conditioning (my mom called earlier and the recipient told her it was not necessary to book. Lesson learned: just book). We were then entertained by the waiter who we later knew is the brother of the chef. He possessed good public relation skill, recommending and taking our orders down cheerfully. Not long after, we moved inside- and breathed the cool air. The interior was plain but sufficient in design.

Out came this Pumpkin Beancurd 'Taufu' (RM 12). It was special, especially with the unique pairing of these two ingredients, and it felt healthy. The 'taufu' was ok and the pumpkin sauce could make do with a little more flavour. Generally, this dish tasted light. Or it could do with a little more of the topping, which will add more character to the dish. Having said that, worth to try.

Arriving bubbling on our table was the Fish Head Curry in a claypot (RM 40). Filled also with vegetable and 'taufu pok', mixing my rice with the curry was appetizing. The fish was fresh and tasty. Although i expected more from the curry, i did order a second plate of rice because, as i said, mixing the rice with curry was simply appetizing!

We had this Egg with Shark Fin and Others (RM 30). It was ordinary. Nothing more; enough said.

My favourite dish of the night was this: Chicken with Yam (RM 20). Yes, i've tasted pork with yam but chicken with yam? I can safely say that this was my first. The minimal sauce of this dish burst with flavours in my mouth, the tasty yam pieces danced around while the tender chicken meat completed the party. A dish that is definitely going to be ordered on our next visit; highly recommended.

Pricing was on the average to above average. Dinner was satisfying, at least to me. My younger brother didn't fancy the pumpkin and yam, well because they were pumpkin and yam. This restaurant surely scored well for their unique and tasty dishes. I can safely say that, only after more than 9 years in operation, at least we have found this hidden gem.

What? Chicken with Yam, Fish Head Curry, Pumpkin Beancurd.
Where? Restoran Kam Kitchen. No 6, Jalan 21 Kampung Cheras Baru, off Jalan Kuari, Cheras, KL.
How much? As posted, as of 30 June 2013.

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