Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Restaurant Tong Juan, Kemaman, Terengganu

Earlier in the morning, we asked a local whether she preferred this restaurant or its neighbour, Restaurant Malaysia. She somehow replied the latter but since there was no crowd when we arrived at that restaurant, we decided to try Restaurant Tong Juan instead.

The restaurant.
This restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in town among locals, people working in Kemaman and tourists, that a few mentioned this restaurant is touristy and expensive. Crowd pulled us in and we were quick to be seated. As i entered, the ambiance of the eatery reminded me of a restaurant i had for lunch in Keelung, Taiwan (and it was one of the most delicious and memorable meals i had while i was there). Whether it tastes as good, we shall see.

Fish ball soup to warm the stomach. The soup, with vegetables, was simple and plain. Good to maintain the balance of diet as other dishes were seafood and saltier. Fish balls were bouncy. Nevertheless, an ordinary dish.  

The true examination came from this: fried stuffed crab, as it is the highlight and signature of this eatery and the talk of many. It lived up to my expectation, although a bit oily. The fillings were tasty and well flavoured- peeled crab meat and some vegetables; the outer layer was fluffy. Good to share. Whether it is the best stuffed crab, i cannot really say, but it was my favourite dish for lunch. Recommended.

Recommended by the owner, this tau fu dish is recommended. We especially liked the gravy of this dish; it was flavourful. Comes with other vegetables as you can see in the picture. Recommended.

Steamed fish in sauce was delicious. Again, i liked the blend of sweetness and saltiness in the sauce.

In front is the grilled garlic tiger prawns on sticks. It was pricey- the meat was about my finger length. The prawns were fresh and seasoned with the garlic toppings at the center (i would like it if there was more). Good but not wow. At the background is a plate of fried sotong rings. The sotong, coated with flour that was tasty, was cooked to perfection. I liked that the texture was not rubbery and not too soft or hard. Looks ordinary but packs a punch. Recommended.

Lunch was satisfying. Touristy? Perhaps, but it matches its name with its taste. It was a smart decision that we tried this restaurant because we left Kemaman with a good taste in our mouth. I am sure to visit this restaurant whenever i am in Kemaman.

What? Fried stuffed crab, Tau fu in sauce, Fried sotong rings
Where? Restaurant Tong Juan. K-117 Jalan Sulaiman, Kemaman, Malaysia. Near the bus station and opposite the riverfront.
When? Saturday to Thursday, 11.30am to 3.30pm and 6pm to 10pm. Closes on Friday.
Contact number? +609-8591346

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